Projected Organics

Projected and drawn lines that give life to the spaces where feelings and sensations are triggered by the intersection of shapes and light.

Inferno Wonderland

"Inferno Wonderland" is a battle of textures, shapes, and colors that defy the aesthetic of what is not beautiful, resulting in an imaginary grotesque that can only exist in a photograph. Photographing the ugly, wanting the result to get ugly, applying the technique of shooting what is beautiful and not documentary, was one of my most significant challenges ever. A risky experience that I share with you.


Nature as a final product of a big recipe. All the ingredients combined in texture, forms and colors. All this stacked in visual imagination.


Four equal lines as a simple rule that time and forms will try to break. At the end, simplicity will be in charge.


The actors on a big stage. Their roles in a narrative and a play where their parts are constantly improvised.

between light and darkness

The night sky as a heritage that our modern lives tend to wear out. The less lighted side of nature's beauty.


It happened and it must prevail not only in the memory of those who lived it. This is my (photo)journalistic vein completely alive.


Strange shapes in straigh lines. New ways to embrace patterns, figures and forms.


The world, pure as it is, without the interpretation of a photographic lens. Because what we see fits in a small pin hole.


Moving photographs in small pieces of time that combine the elements and document our lives.

picos da europa

The mountains of Asturias and the North of Spain as an art form. A splendor of colors and shapes.

fortresses of the soul

Fátima, as a home for comfort, relief and consolation. Then faith becomes a fortress that cannot be defeated.